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Full Version: How to use DrayDDNS?
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Support Model :Vigor 2926 SeriesVigor2925 SeriesVigor2862 SeriesVigor2860 SeriesVigor2912 SeriesVigor2120 SeriesVigor3220 SeriesVigor2952 SeriesVigor2132 SeriesVigor2760 SeriesVigor2832 Series

Vigor Router supports various DDNS service providers, user can set up user-defined profile to update the DDNS even the service provider is not on the list. Now, we bring a good news to the Vigor Router users, that we are starting to support our own DDNS service - DrayDDNS. We will provide a domain name for each Vigor Router, this single domain name can record IP addresses of all WAN. We will demonstrate how to set up the DrayDDNS feature in the following paragraph.
(This feature is starting to support on the version firmware of Vigor2925 series, and 3.8.5 version firmware of Vigor2862 series, the other series will support this feature since 3.8.7 version firmware.)