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Full Version: How to unlock your Telstra Lite Smart for FREE
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[h=2]How to unlock your Telstra Lite Smart

Step 1 : Find IMEI number :[/h][Image: 1509324372024.jpg]

Step 1: Find IMEI number

To have the device unlocked you’ll need the IMEI number of the device. The IMEI can be found on the box the device came in.

[h=2]Step 2 : Enter IMEI :[/h]
[Image: 1509505956722.jpg]

Once you have the IMEI, go to
and enter the 15 digit IMEI, then click ‘Apply’.

[Image: 1509085718744.jpg]

This will bring up the 8 digit network unlock code. Enter it into your device and it will now be ready to setup. Please make sure the Telstra Pre-Paid SIM is inserted.