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Full Version: huawei e5573cs-322 unlock done
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huawei e5573cs-322 unlock done

Nigeria locked E5573 router carries firmware version and can be unlocked easily. Newer version firmware 21.315.xx.xx by Nigeria mtn and Idea device firmware version 21.200.xx.xx can not be unlocked easily, means you have to take the help of boot shot since it gives error 19 during the firmware update.

Now in the Indian market, there is no more E5573s-322 modems are available. Both the firms, Airtel and Idea have launched E5573cs-322 router. Airtel locked E5573cs-322 device carries firmware 21.318.09.00.284 and WebUI, while Idea locked router comes with WebUI version

Both devices are running with higher firmware and while changing the firmware, either it gives error 19 or asks for data-lock code, means in both situation you can unlock it. unlocking solution of the E5573cs-322 router. In unlocking, there is a bin file and two firmware are involved.
Externally Huawei E5573cs-322 and E5573cs-606 looks similar, but inside the device, there is a difference between chipset.
How to Unlock Huawei E5573cs-322 MiFi Router locked to mtnnigeria and Idea?

Before proceeding with steps, switch on the E5573cs-322 MiFi router and connect to your PC with USB cable. Open My Computer > Virtual CD-ROM. Install in the PC. It will automatically open the default page of the router.

Now process with further steps.

1. Download the E5573cs-322 USB loader file

2. Dismantle or unscrew the device.

3. Let the battery inside the device and switch off the router.

4. Connect USB cable to router.

5. Touch the boot pin and ground of the board from any metal / wire as shown in above image.

6. From the other hand, insert USB cable another end to PC.

7. It will produce a sound and you will see something is installing on your device.

8. Remove the metal / wire from the board.

9. Now download Balong tool.

10. Install the latest “Huawei mobile partner“ on your computer.

11. Run Balong tool.

12. Click “Detect” button. It will show COM Port with “BOOT_3G”.

13. Locate the “Loader” file which you have got in the email.

14. Click on “Load”.15. Once progress bar reaches the end, you will again notice something is installing on your PC.

Note: You can check in COM ports, you will see two Huawei ports.

16. Close the USB Balong tool now.

17. Now download E5573cs-322 firmware version 21.318.99.03.00.

18. Run the Exe file and update your device.

* Balong tool : Search on google