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Full Version: MxDisplay automatic reboot by camera
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MxDisplay software doe not support automatic reboot of the device.
In some cases, such a reboot might be usefull. A workaround is to have the camera send a HTTP-API request.

[Image: Mx_115_Products_MxDisplay_730x400.jpg]

The HTTP-API command is

http://Ip of the MxDisplay/do_reboot.cgi?reboot=yes

This can be done in two steps in the cameras web-interface.

1. Create a new ip notify profile

Open “Admin Menu=>Transfer Profiles=>Ip Notify Profiles” and add a new profile.

IP Notify Type: Custom Configuration
Name of the profile: e.g “RebootDisplay”
Destination Address: Ip Address of the MxDisplay:80
Data Protocol: HTTP/1.0-Request
CGI-Path: /do_reboot-cgi
HTTP Authentication: admin:password (for MxDisplay web-interface)
Message: reboot=yes
Keep any parameters not mentioned above at default.

2. Create a job in time tasks

Open “Admin Menu=>Camera Administration=>Time Tasks”
In “Select task…” select your notification profile. (IP Notify “RebootDisplay” if you followed the above example)
Define the time or interval for this task, the online help “?”-Icon on top left or http://<Ip of camera>/help/help?timetasks explains how to.
Store settings by clicking “Set” and “Close”.

To test your new profile, open “Admin Menu=>Network Setup=>Test Current Network Configuration”.
From here you can start transfer of the ip notify profile manually and check if the MxDisplay reboots.