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Full Version: How to Stream a Mobotix Camera on Youtube (RTSP)
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[b]1. MOBOTIX camera[/b]
First of all, you need a MOBOTIX camera with a Firmware version or later. This Firmware comes with the latest hardware platform x6. Those are M16, M26, S16, D16, Q26, v26, p26, c26 and i26.

[b]2. OBS Streaming software[/b]
As the software is for free, you can simply download it from: 115
It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. In our test setup we had the version 20.1 for MacOSX

[b]3. VLC Player[/b]
You will need the VLC player to receive the video stream in the process background VLC Player can be downloaded for free. 13

[b]4. Other[/b]
You need a Youtube/Google account.
Good internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 2 Mbit/s.

[b]5. Schematic[/b]
[Image: 2a82dc344e69d52529f21f132dabc3ea0229d2d5.png]
2. How to Configure
  1. Enable the integration protocol in the admin menu
-> Open your camera in the web browser
-> Go to Admin menu - Integration Protocols

[Image: 25a2a9b21813bea8d2d8c3e97b899a9391e94034.png]
-> Tick the checkbox RTP Server & press „set“
-> Go to Admin menu - Speaker and Microphone
-> Active the microphone. Press „set“ and then „close“ to permanently store the settings

[Image: ae602ce5f0a1da7d53666034e40fa1977247a2be.png]
[b]2. VLC Player[/b]
-> Install and open the VLC Player. Click „open media“ -> „network“ and enter the following string:
and press open. You should now see the camera live image. This is just a test to see if it works.
[Image: d822257a3b029ce0e14b711434acb9544b4aad78.png]
[b]3. Youtube[/b]
Go to and login. -> 33
Scroll down to see your server url and key. You will need them later in the OBS configuration. Keep the youtube website open.

[Image: d59a7ed273d244587afe685a4ca8293626b93303.png]
[b]4. OBS[/b]
Install OBS and run it.
-> Add a new Scene and name it „YoutubeStream“.
-> Add a „VLC video source“ as a source.

[Image: 9660e0f6874e622b74e2754c86bb4e23dce1fdbe.png]
-> Add RTSP address to the playlist (+ symbol and „add Path/URL) and click „OK“
[Image: fce0170654a73e165e3ab1c40b33613fecaae78f.png]
-> Now, you should see your camera Live Image. You can also scale it.
[Image: 1674d6c6f80804c1458a3cd8698dd300028cd902.png]
-> OPTIONAL: You can add other programs or a second camera stream to this page. OBS will stream everything simultaneously.
[Image: 7b155d54a99e6cf253ba434aac9829d88035ed7b.png]
-> Open the OBS streaming setting. OBS - Preferences - Stream
-> Select YouTube as the platform and enter your youtube streaming key (see above) -> Click „OK“ and press „Start streaming“

3. Test
Go to your youtube live dashboard and check if the stream is working. This may take a while.
If it doesn‘t work, double check you settings. Use VLC to test if the RTSP stream from the camera is working. Check your internet connection and your OBS stettings.