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Full Version: [EMUI 11 Changes] Main changes on Volume settings and incoming call ringtone
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Some changes on volume settings
Before update EMUI 11, the ring-shaped icon that was present at the top of the volume bar allows for switching between Vibration, Silent, and Sound modes. When switching from Silent mode to Sound mode, two volume bars would appear, for adjusting the media and ringtone volumes respectively.

After update EMUI 11, to prevent possible misoperations, the ring-shaped icon has been removed in the new version. From the displayed volume bar, you can drag the slider to adjust the media volume and touch the gear-shaped icon to go to the related setting screen.
Besides, when you keep pressing the Volume up or down key, the volume bar no longer shows the speaker or sound settings icon.
You can switch to Sound mode using either of the following methods:
1. Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, and touch the volume setting shortcut.
2. Touch the gear-shaped icon in the displayed volume bar to go to the Sounds & vibration setting screen.

[Image: 21e4c574-d81f-4fc9-9a04-0927e5193eb3_s.jpg]
Small changes on incoming call ringtone
In EMUI 11, the following optimizations have been made to the incoming call ringtone playback:
1. When Pocket mode is enabled, the ringtone volume of incoming calls will gradually increase until it reaches the maximum level. To avoid discomfort caused by high-volume ringtones, the maximum volume level has been reduced in EMUI 11.
2. When not in Pocket mode, the ringtone volume increase for incoming calls takes effect only when a Bluetooth or regular headset is connected.