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Full Version: Time-Sync
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Time-Sync is a freeware software to synchronize the time of your system. Time-Sync is installed as a service, the configuration is very easy for each user and can be done in a few steps. Up to five redundant time servers can be configured.

[Image: time-sync-for-windows.jpg]

Users will have no trouble installing the application and the deployment process will be swift and forthright. Right out of the box, the application will configure itself automatically and it will start to synchronize the PC’s time immediately.

The application will offer users a basic yet sufficient amount of settings, which will allow them to add, edit or delete their own custom world time servers. One will be able to define a specific update interval for the synchronization process in order to achieve the preferred results.

Time-Sync will log all the synchronization protocols, listed in its protocol viewer and people will be able to enable an hourly logging frequency. After the installation process and the optional configuration process, the application will remain hidden and it will synchronize the PC’s clock with the selected world time servers.

[Image: m-time-sync1.png]

Those who require a “no-brainer” solution for maintaining their PC’s clock up-to-date with the world time will surely appreciate this application. Featuring ease-of-use in configuration and remaining quiet and unobtrusive, it will synchronize the time on user-defined intervals and it will ensure a good time keeping.

Download : Time-Sync