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Download Huawei E3533 and E3272 Firmware and Software Update - nnm - 07-09-2017

Firmware and software are an essential part of any Huawei device. It may release your modem, may be helpful in rectifying the errors and also it can kill your modem. So, always play with firmware and software at your own risk. Firmware starting from 22 is specially build for the hi-link modem, so don’t try to update it in the normal modem, it will make your device dead.
While updating the firmware, Huawei data card may ask you for a password, comment below with model and IMEI to get the password to update the device.

For your more information, normal modem software is called Huawei mobile partner, while Hi-link modem software called the WebUI, so be careful what you are doing.
Download E5372 Update WEBUI E5 V7R1 V3R2 Universal Multilingual
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Download E583C Huawei Firmware Update 20140312065740 25 B105
Download Firmware E3131 Update B418 (Enables Voice And Video)
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Download Firmware Update Huawei B593s-22 V200R001B236D30SP00C801
Download Firmware Update Huawei E5332_21.344.27.00.1080 B757 (Update for solving 2 Webserver reboot issues(HWPSIRT-2014-08621, HWPSIRT-2014-0862) for Hongkong channel version of E5332)
E3236sTCPU-V200R002B146D41SP00C00 & E3236sWebUI-V100R007B100D03SP01C03 (For resolving E3276 CSRF & XSS security problems) (Firmware Firmware_Update_22. and WebUI Update_WEBUI_17. Included)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533s-2 22.318.27.00.441 (Tele2 Kazakhstan)
Download Firmware Huawei E8231 22.618.01.01.546 (Life Belarus)
Download Firmware Huawei E8231s-1 22.618.01.02.910 (India)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533s-58 22.318.27.00.259 (Guatemala)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533 21.318.15.03.314 (Spain)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533s-2 22.318.23.00.105 (T-Mobile)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533s-2 22.318.23.00.1072 (Singapore Open Market)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533s-2 22.318.27.00.1232 (South Africa)
Download Firmware Huawei E3533s-2 22.318.27.00.893 (Azerbaijan)
Download WebUI Huawei E3372s-153 (Polsat Polkomtel)
Download WebUI Huawei E3372s-153 (Beeline Russia)
Download Firmware Huawei E3372s-153 (Poland)
Download Firmware Huawei E3372s-153 (Hungary)
Download Firmware Huawei E3372s-153 (China)
Download Firmware Huawei E3372s-153 (Beeline Russia)
Modified firmware 3G Router ZTE MF30 V1.00.00 (Beeline Russia)
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