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Telstra Elite MF60 firmware update and unlock guide ( Not tested)

Telstra Elite MF60 firmware update and unlock guide ( Not tested)

[h=3]upgrade and unlock the Telstra Elite ZTE MF60[/h][TABLE]
[TD]This guide will update your firmware and optionally unlock your ZTE MF60 for free.

If you want to update/debrand your device, there are some known issues
  • some features will be disabled that your original firmware might have offered (Roaming options, SD Card sharing over wifi, AP isolation, and probably others)
  • once you flash your firmware there is no going back
  • It might get bricked (has happened to one person I got an email from, also downgrading firmware might be the cause of bricking too, this firmware version is Jun 13 2012 use DC unlocker or my nv-restorer tool to check your version first)

If you also selected to unlock your device, there are known issues (and probably unknown) with the method I have used.

  • the device mac address will be changed to a default one, this isnt a problem unless you have more than one MF60 in your house as then they will clash
  • the IMEI of the device will be unreadable. I'm not sure if this causes any issues though
  • the device will no longer be recognized by DC-UNLOCKER which also doesn't matter because you have unlocked the device anyway.
I have made an NVRAM restorer tool to try and fix these issues caused by unlocking. See NV restore
Thanks to everyone for sending me their nvm files!

I recently bought a Telsta elite MF60 and it was working fine expect for the constant random disconnections that were driving me crazy!

I thought I'd update the firmware, but there wasn't any available from Telstra or the manufacturer. After some googling I found an excellent guide on how to de-brand the device with a new firmware Big Grin (see Bankie's blog).

Sadly his method didn't seem to work for the Telstra elite model, or for me anyway and the Firmware installer would not let me skip the device version check error.

So I debugged the MF60 Firmware installer and made a patch that will skip the error and let you install the Firmware to any MF60 branded device, no matter what version it is. (Just make sure you definitely have an MF60 before applying the firmware, and use at your own risk! once you update your firmware, you can't go back!)

Once I figured out how to patch the version check routine, the firmware installed perfectly fine.

Now no more disconnection problems for me! Smile

As a bonus, it now sends and receives SMS via the new web interface. It also allows up to 10 simultaneous connections and I can also connect to it as a 802.11n device (up to 65mbps)

I have also discovered how to patch the firmware installer to make the device completely unlocked. Just make sure you set the correct APN details in the web interface after you update and unlock.

I've had a few emails already regarding their device not connecting to their network provider after they have unlocked the device. So far they have all been related to not setting the APN details correctly after upgrading the firmware. Please check with your provider for the APN details and set them accordingly in the device settings.

[Image: patch.jpg]

Here's my guide to updating the firmware on the device!

  1. Download the following files

    Windows MF60 drivers (3.83 MB)
    MF60 Firmware installer (17.1 MB)
    MF60 Installer patch (3 KB)

  2. Install the windows MF60 drivers
  3. Plug in the device and it should pick up new drivers and install them.

    note: This didn't work out too well for me to begin with, so I also installed dc-unlocker which once it detected the modem it installed the drivers correctly.
    You don't need to buy any credit for it. you just need to open the app, select ZTE modem and click the scan button.if it doesn't detect the device, reboot and try again. if it detects the device it will give you a brief summary of it, and you can just close the app because the device drivers have been installed correctly .
  4. Remove the sim card and plug back into computer
  5. Run the MF60 Firmware installer, do not close!

    note: if you try to press the update button now, you will get the error "The version is not matching! Please check the software version!"
  6. While the installer is still open, run and apply my version checker & unlock patch.
  7. Press the update button on the installer and wait patiently Smile
  8. Highly recommended if you unlocked the device:
    Find the file "Channel1.nvm" which was created by the installer (it's in the directory the installer was run) and MAKE A COPY OF IT! You will need it to restore your IMEI and WiFi MAC address with NV-Restore
Once the firmware is installed the device now has a NEW default SSID and password which is NOT the same as what is written down on the telstra card that comes with the box. Don't worry, let the device boot completely. now just press the WPS button on the side of the device twice quickly, it will show you the device SSID and password on the led display! (I don't remember that feature in the telstra firmware)
if you selected to Unlock the device in the patch, your SSID will be uFi_999999 and password is :12345678 is still the default web interface address
password: admin

note: for some reason firefox can't apply settings the in new web interface, it displays them fine, but won't apply them. You can use chrome or internet explorer to set my wifi name and other settings. once they're set, you're good to go.
Good luck!

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I have made this tool to try and restore your IMEI and WiFi MAC address that are both cleared out when unlocking the MF60 with my patch.

[Image: nv-restorer.png]

NV-Restorer (33KB)

You'll need to have your Channel1.nvm file that the firmware installer creates when updating the device. it's located in the same directory as where the installer was run.

I have not been able to test this properly yet, so feedback would be good.

I'm unsure if you can restore the IMEI number at all. There seems to be some type of safety feature which locks writing the IMEI number if one is already set. As I have an IMEI set on my device, I cannot test this feature (long story, but I'm putting off updating my 2nd MF60 until I figure out a way to save the old firmware, the first one died trying to flash a foreign firmware).
But since the firmware installer with my unlock patch actually invalidates the IMEI completely it might be possible to write one back.

You can also restore your Channel1.nvm file with the restore function, but doing this will remove the network unlock.

Steps to use this tool to restore your IMEI and WiFi MAC
Plug in your MF60
Click Select Com port - choose ZTE Diagnostic Interface
Click Load from Channel1.nvm - and find your file
Click Write to Device
Hopefully it will work.
+if code work pls share our site to ur facebook, google plus or share to ur friends to help us popular
+ Donate to help us online :
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Upgrading the firmware may disable certain features available in the original firmware, and there is no way to revert once the update is complete my location

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