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How to unlock Huawei B612s modem?

I have MTN(IRI) Locked Huawei B612s modem & it prevent me to upgrade with original .bin (it support only recent and modified by MTN operator) file. it has only webUI and does not have USB slot. I can get unlock code with IMEI but can't found any way to insert code to modem (via webUI). This modem is unlock-able because some people in my country did it(they request many money to do that for others). I suppose the locked/modified firmware reject access to web page to insert unlocking code, so .bin file should patch to be seen a valid firmware. If you can please help me please?

IMEI: 865294030060977
S/N:- T5Q7S17707006552

also can anybody explain to me: what is "Firmware Configuration File.ini5" file(it's plain-text and .ini fashion)? how I can use it? this file contain many interested parameters such as :

You can access original & modified(valid) firmware files here:

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