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Unlock Vivid Wireless Australia Huawei B315s-607 [Firmware 21.313.03.02.1385]

Vivid Wireless Australia has recently launched a new router, Huawei B315s-607. The sub-model of Huawei B315 comes with higher security and people are using boot shot method to unlock this router. Our team has got the success in the unlocking of the latest Vivid Wireless Australia Huawei B315s-607 router which comes with firmware version 21.313.03.02.1385, without boot shot / opening the screws. 

[Image: Vivid-Wireless-Australia-Huawei-B315s-60...C636&ssl=1]
Before proceeding with further steps, download the following required files, which is required to unlock the Vivid Wireless Australia Huawei B315s-607 [Firmware 21.313.03.02.1385]:
1. Download the Multicast Upgrade Tool.
2. Unlocked Firmware 21.313.03.02.1385 of Vivid Wireless Australia Huawei B315s-607 (link will be shared with paid users in email)
How to Unlock Vivid Wireless Australia Huawei B315s-607 [Firmware 21.313.03.02.1385]?
1. Extract both downloaded files using WinRAR.
2. Switch On Vivid Wireless Huawei B315 to PC and connect to PC with LAN cable.
3. It will automatically open the default page of the router.
4. From Menu, click on “Local Update”.
5. Browse for BIN file from unlocked firmware folder.
6. Select the B315 BIN file and update the router, wait to restart.
In case you don’t find local update, then proceed with further steps:
7. Remove the B315 router from the computer.
8. Switch off the Huawei B315 router.
[Image: Huawei-B310-and-B315-Unlocker.png?resize...C547&ssl=1]
9. Run the downloaded Multicast Upgrade Tool.
10. Select Network Card of your PC [Marked as A in image].
11. Check “Force Upgrade” [Marked as B in image].
12. Select the BIN file from downloaded folder [Marked as C in image].
13. Finally click on Start [Marked as D in image].
14. Now connect the Vivid Wireless Australia Huawei B315s-607 router to PC with LAN cable.
15. Switch ON the router.
16. It will start flashing the firmware.
17. When Network LED of router will be GREEN, then click Stop button [Marked as E in image].
18. Switch off the router and again switch On.
19. Now run Putty software which is available in downloaded folder.
[Image: Putty-Configuration-First.png?resize=687%2C669&ssl=1]
20. Make changes according to the above screenshot in “Session” menu but don’t click “Open” button.
21. Now click on “Terminal” menu and make the following changes according to the below screenshot:
[Image: Putty-Configuration-Second.png?resize=677%2C666&ssl=1]
22. Finally click “Open” button.
23. It will open a black terminal window.
24. Type the following command:
25. Press Enter from the keyboard.
26. Again paste the following command:
atc at^nvwrex=8268,0,12,1,0,0,0,2,0,0,0,a,0,0,0
27. Press Enter from the keyboard.
Now your Vivid Wireless Australia locked Huawei B315s-607 [Firmware 21.313.03.02.1385] router is unlocked permanently.
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