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[Crestron] :  Default Voice Command Syntax For Controlling Devices

Default Voice Command Syntax For Controlling Devices

Use F1 to open the help file for the Voice Control Room module for additional info, including the default voice command syntax below. Voice commands can be customized and simplified from these defaults - refer to the Tips & Tricks section below.

[Image: crestron-logo.png]

[Image: amazon-alexa-logo.png]

Alexa Crestron Smart Home Skill Commands:  The following commands are followed by either "<DEVICE> in <ROOM>" or "<ROOM> <DEVICE>"

* Turning Devices On / Off - Alexa responds - "OK."
   + "Alexa, turn on/off..."
   "Alexa, enable/disable..."
   "Alexa, boot up/shut down..."
   "Alexa, arm/disarm..."
   "Alexa open/close..." [Recently Discontinued]
       Use Alexa Routines to add back "Alexa, open/close..." functionality.
       Or use "Alexa, ask/tell Crestron to open/close..." to invoke Crestron skill (see section below)
   "Alexa, start/stop..." ["Stop" is more effective when followed by "<DEVICE> in <ROOM>" (not "<ROOM> <DEVICE>")]
   "Alexa, run/stop running..." ["Stop running" is more effective when followed by "<DEVICE> in <ROOM>" (not "<ROOM> <DEVICE>")]

Setting / Changing Device Levels - Alexa responds - "OK." : These commands can be followed by an amount (percent, degrees, etc.)
   "Alexa, set..."
   "Alexa raise/lower..."
   "Alexa brighten/dim..."
   "Alexa turn up/down..."

Alexa Crestron Custom Skill Commands:
   Open/Close - Alexa responds - "Opening/Closing the <DEVICE> in the <ROOM>."
"Alexa, ask/tell Crestron to open/close <DEVICE> in <ROOM>"
   Too Cold/Warm & Dark/Bright - Alexa responds - "Adjusting the <ROOM>"
"Alexa, tell Crestron it's too cold/warm in <ROOM>"
"Alexa, tell Crestron it's too dark/bright in <ROOM>"
   Thermostat Mode - Alexa responds - "Setting the thermostat mode to <MODE>."
"Alexa, tell Crestron to set the <THERMOSTAT> in <ROOM> to heat/cool/auto"
"Alexa, tell Crestron to set the <ROOM> <THERMOSTAT> to heat/cool/auto"
   Thermostat Fan Speed - Alexa responds - "Setting the fan in <ROOM> to <SPEED>"
"Alexa, tell Crestron to set the <ROOM> fan to low/medium/high/on/off"
"Alexa, tell Crestron to set the fan in <ROOM> to low/medium/high/on/off"
   Recall Scenes - Alexa responds - "Recalling the <SCENE> in <ROOM>."
Use for custom commands - Drive SceneName$ signals from SIO/MSEND; can be changed during runtime.
"Alexa, ask/tell Crestron to recall <SCENE> in <ROOM>" (ie "morning scene in kitchen")
"Alexa, tell Crestron I want to <SCENE> in <ROOM>" (ie "unlock door in front entry")
"Alexa, tell Crestron I would like to <SCENE> in <ROOM>" (ie "watch a movie in the family room")
"Alexa, tell Crestron it's time to <SCENE> in <ROOM>" (ie "sleep in the bedroom")
   Global Scenes
These signals are found on the Voice Control Registration module, as they are not associated with a specific room. At least one Voice Control Room module / room name must exist in the program for Global Scenes to function.
"Alexa, tell Crestron good morning." or "Alexa, tell Crestron wake up."
Alexa responds - "Good Morning. Setting your morning presets."
"Alexa, tell Crestron good night." or "Alexa, tell Crestron go to sleep."
Alexa responds - "Good Night. Setting your night presets."
"Alexa, tell Crestron I/We am/are leaving/going." or "Alexa, tell Crestron good bye."
Alexa responds - "Good Bye. Setting your away presets."
"Alexa, tell Crestron I/We am/are back/home."
Alexa responds - "Welcome Home. Setting your home presets."

Google Assistant Commands : 

[Image: Thiet-bi-nha-thong-minh-Google-Nest.jpg]
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