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This tool "GUI for DISM" is a gui for the commandline DISM from Windows 10.

[Image: DismGUI.png]
Check corresponds to the command CheckHealth - Checks whether there is a component memory corruption.
Scan corresponds to the command ScanHealth - Here errors are searched for, but not corrected yet.
Repair corresponds to the command RestoreHealth - Here errors are search for and automatically repair if possible. (Currently only local check (WinSxS folder) and correction
Analyze - Corresponds to the analyzecomponentstore command. Here the component memory is checked, whether memory space can be released.
Cleanup - Corresponds to the StartComponentCleanup command. The component store is cleaned.
Install Cab: It's possible to install cab files
Repair offline, you need the install.wim from the ISO for your current Windows version (not an older or newer) 

DOwnload : GUI for DISM  

MD5: 8f6c47f6f0f13e48a0dfdd3290deaf69

SHA256: 9da76d9b54e4974bda1713084fc0e83d18eb2a5d8da36969d33490028250e46b.
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