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Loxone smart home

 The complete smart home system

What makes the experience of a Loxone Smart Home so special? All of its smart home products work together automatically and flawlessly, without needing wi-fi or cloud dependency. Through this intelligent interaction, according to Loxone Standards & Recommendations, the home adjusts to your needs. Remotely control and personalize your smart home in the Loxone App on your smartphone or tablet.

Lighting control

[Image: IC_lightbulb.png]
With the most intelligent lighting control, you can create lighting moods for any occasion with endless possibilities and flexibility. Any Loxone or third-party lighting fixtures can be integrated, addressed individually and even work in unison without delay.
Shading control
[Image: IC_shading.png]
Whether it’s blinds, awnings or anything in between – reliably control shading with Loxone. This is especially important in helping your home regulate its temperature. No matter the season, motorized blinds will control the amount of sunlight that comes through your windows.
Room climate
[Image: IC_temperature.png]
Individually control the temperature of each room with intelligent interaction between shading, solar panels, sensors and more. Keep rooms at their comfortable levels of temperature, humidity and air quality without even needing a smart thermostat.

Multi-room audio
[Image: IC_music-note.png]
Play music in every room without any voice command. Wake up to an upbeat playlist. Cook breakfast while listening to your podcast. Unwind with Movie mode in your home theater. Choice is yours with any smart speakers or sound system.
Energy management
[Image: IC_flash.png]
In a Loxone Smart Home, every function works together with energy efficiency in mind. The bonus? You save on energy costs without any extra effort because your smart home figures it out for you.
[Image: alarm-rotating-light.png]
Security in a Loxone Smart Home covers it all: burglary protection, data privacy. It even protects against potential dangers like fire or water leaks. Video doorbell intercom, NFC products, alarms and more for a comprehensive home security system.
Access control
[Image: IC_lock.png]

Customize your access control entirely to your needs. With our Video Intercom, NFC Code Touch and Key Fobs, access control is completely up to you. Individual options like one-time codes, time-limited codes and more.
Sauna control
[Image: IC_sauna.png]
Automate your sauna heater for temperature control that adjusts for you. Remote control and personalization for temperature, lighting, music in the app. View more wellness & outdoor living applications:
Pool care
[Image: IC_pool_80x80.png]
Pool care with Loxone means automatically regulating pH value, purifying and filtering water and more. Pool maintenance has never been easier. View more wellness & outdoor living applications:

More info : Loxone smart home

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