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Setting up calls between 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0 and 2N IP intercoms

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial describing how to set up calls between 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 and 2N IP intercoms.
Let's start with configuring the intercom.

Go to Directory, and create a new user.
Name the user and fill in a phone number in the following format: device:device_name, for example device:garage
Optionally, in Services - Phone - SIP 1, you can change the Domain to reflect your network gateway.
Then go to Calls and adjust the Local Call Receiving Mode.
And the last step here is to go to Hardware - Buttons and assign the user we created to a button.
Now, let's configure the Indoor Touch.
Go to Intercoms - Settings - General Settings and enter the Device Name to match what you had entered into the Phone Number field in the intercom.
In Devices, tap the + button to add the intercoms you'd like to see in the Indoor Touch.
From here you can view camera feeds, call the intercoms and activate switches.
When you call the Indoor Touch, you see a video preview before you pick up. This means you can decide whether to pick up and open the door, or not.
Thanks for watching and we wish you pleasant experience with 2N products.

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