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Obtain Akuvox devices IP address via IP scanner


Akuvox IP scanner is a useful PC-based tool applied in a situation where you want to Interact with the device remotely. The IP scanner allows you to search the device IP address(es) by which you can perform targeted device reboot, reset, network setting update, and device web interface access efficiently at one stop without having to work on the device on-site.

Operation Instruction
Prior to the Installation
Make sure that firewall in your PC is turned off.
Applicable Devices
Access Control Unit: A05/A06
Indoor Monitor:C312,C313,C315,C317,IT80,IT82,IT83,X933
Door Phone:

Operation Procedure
Double-click on IP scanner “setup.exe” file.
Go through the installation process until you finish the installation.
Search Device IP address:
Search the device IP address by MAC address, Model, Room Number, Firmware version according to your need.
Click on Search, and click refresh if you want to update the changes of the devices.
Click on Export if you want to export the device information.

Remote Interaction with Device:
After the IP address is searched, you can perform targeted device reboot, reset, network setting update, and device web interface access.
Click on the specific  IP address of the device.
Click the right side of the IP scanner interface.

3. Change the DHCP or Static IP network, then click on Update if you want to change the network setting.

4. Enter the  Username and password of the device web interface, then click on Browser if you want to access the device web interface remotely.

5. Click on Reboot if you want to reboot the device.

6. Click on Reset if you want to reset the device.
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