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Request: unlock code for HUAWEI LTE E5172As-22

I had contract with this operator service for two years. I had some problems with internet. It wasn`t as fast as other operator services 4G internet, but i had a contract if which i wanted to close i had to pay for the router. But i had half a year left, so i waited to contract expire and quite them and take my router and take other operator service for 4G internet. But as i found out they can`t give me my unlock code. I`m not looking forward for buying a new router because this one is good enough for me and i payed the full price for it. It seems ridicioulos ...
So... i`m pleading for youre help. I know.... i should have asked before i signed the contract with them.... It`s my mistake. When i was talking with them, they made me belive that this router will be mine. It` actually is, but i can only use there service for this router. I learned my lesson....

Model: HUAWEI LTE E5172As-22
IMEI CODE : 869763013287555

IMEI: 869763013287555
Unlock (V1): 43402607
Unlock (V2): 91874346
Unlock (V3): 11862778
Flash: 55248128

Thank you satlog. V2 Unlock worked for me. Could you tell me what is the difference between those codes?

krabis666 Wrote:Thank you satlog. V2 Unlock worked for me. Could you tell me what is the difference between those codes?

base on new modem version , date create
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